About Hotel Oporto

About us

Oporto Hotel project started with the idea of restauring 4 houses by keeping their original architecture (year 1930). As a result of that we now have retored attractive properties that keep their original strutural elements and details of their time. Of course we have added a bit of modernity just to meet the needs of the guest search a life close to reality, history and culture of each area in the city.

To the 31 rooms, we have added a restaurant that offer a wide range of menus (food, salad and dessert), various options of sandwitches, cake, coffee and imported tea. We always have wine from different well-known local brands. More importantly we ensure that everyday each of our employees give their best to offer our guest attention and great service so that their experience in our country is positively memorable.

Finally, a small hotel with standard class services. We look forward to seeing you enjoy your stay at our Hotel in Santiago, Chile.

We support a green environment

At Oporto Hotel we are committed to protect and promote a green environment in a sustainable way, we do so through our policies. This program is applied in our Hotel in order to minimize any negative impact our activities could have on the environment, That way we manage our resources well and renew energy by applying best eco-friendly practices.

To achieve this noble goal, everyone at Hotel Oporto:

• Work diligently to reduce waste and keep using natural resources by saving energy and water
• Apreciate our culture so that our guests can live that same local and authentic experience
• Keep local green policies and use best eco-friendly best practices
• Colaborate with local communities where we do business so that they can know our priorities
• Promote green practices so that our guests and colleagues can learn from us
• Promise to our guests we will listen to their say regarding to our green policies
• Determine where we can improve and innovate and support the efforts of our green team.